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Networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter might tell us how many people we are loosely connected to, but they lack the ability to tell us what those connections mean.

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Here are a few reasons that besties are, well, the best. Fact: All of my best friends immediately stopped being friends with me for writing something that cheesy. When close friends get together, they speak their own language, a unique dialect made up of private jokes and half-sentences that no one else understands. Irritating for other people? Seeing someone for the first time after a long separation is always a little intimidating.

With close friends, you never have to worry about whether or not they like you. You already know they do! Even if you're gotten worse as a human since they initially decided to be your friend, chances are, they're way to lazy to reexamine you closely enough to realize it, let alone go through the effort of dumping you! We're never a highly critical of someone as when we first meet them, so with close friends, the scrutiny is off—you are free to be yourself, and to be as strange as you are deep down in your weirdo soul.

Because close friendships have a high level of trust, you can be honest when you give advice. You know that your friend will listen to what you have to say and be grateful the your frankness. What does the word "family" mean for you? Whom does it include? Do you see your pet as a part of your family? Family, that's a strong word. For me, it means to feel secure, to have someone who you can count on, who shares your problems. But it also means to have respect for each other and responsibility. Family is a really important word.

I think it is a word we use about people we love. For me my family is something very important in my life because they are people you know will never fail you and I think my pet is a member of the family because all the family love it and every day it is with me. Family is very important because parents are always with you when you need them and they can also give you pieces of advice with your problems.

What You Mean to Me

I think family is the most important thing in our life. Maybe a pet can be part of family. We have pets, and we love them so much! To me, family means a lot more than a relative by blood or marriage. It means the people who accept you no matter who you are, where there's no hatred or judgment. The love of a family should be unconditional, and everyone should try their best to provide all they can for the people in their family, emotionally and financially.

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Family are the people that everyone deserves to feel secure, and comfortable with, even if they aren't lucky enough to have that. Everything people learn comes from the way their family brought them up presuming they have lived with them all their life , and therefore, everything you are is because of your family. It does not matter if they are your blood relatives; if they have been there for you all their life, and will be there for you unconditionally for the rest of your life, then they are your family!

I think a family is the most important thing in a person's life. A family enlarges their children, educates their children. I think first education begins in the family.

What friendship means to me

We must be careful about our families. They are the crown of our heads. Family is important for Turkish people. They take care of each other, love and protect.

Sometimes there are arguments, but they are infectious things. Some families are conservative, I mean, they take care of each other more than the other families. They don't give permission to their daughters for going out, don't buy more toys for their sons. Because there can be bad things outside, or while playing with toy guns.

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Some families are more modern than conservative families. They don't think like that, they do everything their kids want to do, want to buy, or want to play with.

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It's a kind of showing their love to their kids. Like everything, it shows some problems. In a modern family, kids begin to have doubts that their parents love or don't love them.