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He told us that he lived in Sahiwal. By chance, his seat was also in the same compartment. Soon we heard the announcement of the arrival of the train.

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We came out of the room. On the platform, everyone was active. Within a couple of minutes the train reached the platform. We were looking at the numbers written on the bogies. After the struggle of two three minutes we found our bogie. The temperature in the bogie was suffocating. We got ourselves seated. Luckily, my seat was near the window in the middle of the bogie. Uncle Ahmad's seat was in front of me. After ten minutes the train started off.

It was a wonderful scene.

The weather was changing. The green trees passed by like running men.

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The houses, bridges, rivers, railway crossings, fields and playing children waving their hands as the trained passed near them all these add their special color to the journey. Some started gossiping. Some others were looking outside. Those who were standing were trying to find some seat for themselves. Soon uncle Ahmad started telling me about different places and things. Meanwhile, the hawkers started their business immediately one after the other, hawkers entered the bogie.

It was all very new and interesting.


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At Sahiwa Uncle Ahmad departed with the invitation to visit him during return. Then a alone continued enjoying outside beauty and the inside happenings. One family had hung bed sheets for veil purposes. I took dinner.

At night, it was again a very different view. The lights of different colours and then some dark parts created very impressives Scene. At 10 O'clock the train arrived at the Lahore station. The train came to standstill and at once the passengers made a great rush.

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I got into a compartment. Sitting in a corner near a window, I began to read the morning paper. In another 5 minutes, the guard blew his whistle and waved off the green flag. The bell rang and the engine with a loud whistle glided smoothly out of the railway station.

The compartment in which I thought was crowded to suffocation. People of all communities were huddled together. Some of the passengers were rude, others were polite. Some were shy and kept quiet. A few soon entered into an animated conversation with their fellow passengers.

A traveling agent soon appeared on the scene. He introduced himself to the audience with a short speech and then started advertising his goods. As the train sped on, it passed by green fields and then through the beautiful forest. Now and then I could see cattle wallowing in muddy pools and farmers plowing their field. Idle people sat and smoked and shady trees.


Here and there we saw fields covered with golden corn and gardens with clusters of fruit trees. At noon the train arrived at Ambala.

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