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Sometimes he has to face some trouble in consequence of his protests but he bears all this patiently.

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The sincerity of his will gives him an extra courage to fight these evils. The corrupt officers and black marketers, the smugglers and the hoarders try to meet him secretly to seek his favour but he defies their offers openly and exposes them in public. He is a busy man during elections. He does not side with any party. Everyone fears him and he fears none.

He is an institution in itself. He is an asset to the nation. An ideal citizen is one who knows about his right and duties. He knows his place in life and know his relations with others. No two persons are alike. Temperamentally, educationally, emotionally and psychologically one man differs from the other.

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This is the law of nature. A man has to adjust with people of different temperaments. A man who can do this is an ideal citizen.

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An ideal citizen lives for others and helps others to live. In other words, he understand intricately about his rights and duties He knows his rights and therefore he is dutiful. He is a gentleman. He has a sense of self-respect and is aware that others have it, too. Such a person honours the feelings of others so that others may honour him. He never does anything to others which he would not like others do to him.

He is courteous, generous and benevolent. An ideal citizen is a person with- a- high sense of responsibility. He does not do anything which may lower his prestige.

How often we meet or hear of people who would like to live according to their own personal whims caring little for the feelings and convenience of others. How often do we hear people complain of their neighbours who even at midnight would put on their music system at full volume? Such people never seem to consider that other people may be in dire need of rest and sleep.

A good citizen always takes these things into consideration. An ideal citizen honours the social code and honours the laws of the land.

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A poor railway administration cannot provide comforts for its travelers. So we see at once that if we do cur duty to the State as its citizens, the State has not option but to do its duty for us. Civic life consists in that harmonious living in which the expression of personality and social life are fused together. A citizen must be impartial, liberal-minded and ready to make sacrifices for the common good.

But unfortunately human beings have not yet learnt the art of living in peace and goodwill. From one world war we are being buried on to another. Science has proved to be a double edged weapon as destructive in war as it is useful in the development of the arts of peace. Each one of us is a citizen of the world, whether he is conscious of it or not.

If we do not produce enough our poverty reacts on other countries. We have to bay wheat and other items from America or Australian or other countries of the world. The world is knit together in unbreakable bonds. While we serve in our small sphere of a town or a State let us not forget that we are citizens of the world and owe it service. It may be possible to find a cure in a changed mode of thinking, and a new direction to human conduct in a deeper sense of civic duty.

The present turmoil is to be attributed to the fears and passions and appetites of men. Digital Citizenship. Sayed Morsy. Digital Citizenship The concept of Digital Citizenship helps in defining how teachers, technology users and parents should know how to use modern technology appropriately. Digital citizenship is defined as the norms of appropriate and responsible technology use.

How should we act when we are on online , and what should be taught to the young and new generation are the areas of such topic.

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In fact , technology users need to be aware of the three key skills mentioned in the essay which are safety, literacy and responsibility. Really ,Reading such essay helps me much to know for the first time the concept of digital citizenship. The essay answers many questions such as ,what being a digital citizen means and what you are doing to keep yourself safe online and what online rights mean.

I got interested to know the answers for these serious questions. I feel that I need to read more about digital citizenship to be able to help students and the team work I work with. On a site created by Go. Daddy Custom Design Group, It is clear that the topic digital citizenship include nine elements or themes each of them explains a cartain and clear meaning.

These nine elements include the three keys safety, literacy and responsibility mentioned in the essay. Such elements clarify very well what technology users should know and practice regards digital technology.