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When Sharat Pawar became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in July, , she became the leader of opposition in the state assembly. Then she came to Delhi to serve in Indian Parliament after being elected member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha in Patil was elected as the Deputy-Chairman in Rajya Sabha also.

21 July- आज का इतिहास- Pratibha Patil बनी थी India की पहली महिला President

After 8 years, in , her tenure of Rajya Sabha came to an end. From the very beginning Smt. Patil has been a close associate and loyalist to Nehru family.

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Before her appointment as a Government of Rajasthan in November , she had dedicated herself as a sincere and disciplined politician. On 25th July, , Smt.

Pratibha Patil created history in Indian politics when she was sworn in as the first Indian women President. At the age of 72, with a long and wide political experience she became 13th President of India. We hope that under her guidance, we shall achieve name and fame not only in India but abroad also.

All the India women have a lot of expectations from her. After sitting on the bill for over an year she sent it to the President of India just a day before resigning as Governor of Rajasthan. After her nomination as Presidential candidate Rajni Patel, the widow of the murdered congressman from Jalgaon in a press conference in Delhi alleged that Pratibha used her influence for shielding her brother G. Patil in the murder case of her husband. She was also alleged for financial mismanagement in her family controlled bank.

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BJP has highlighted her past activities and made comments as part of political campaign against her. An advocate Manoharlal sharma filed a Public Interest Litigation before a bench of Supreme Court of India but inspite of these allegations his candidature was not cancelled. Patil has been a friend of disputes. She has been deputy minister for public Health, Prohibition, Tourism, Housing and Parliamentary affairs in Government of Maharashtra from to and cabinet minister for Public Health and Social welfare Government of Maharashtra from to She has also been the Cabinet Minister for Education in Maharashtra.

She has been the Leader of opposition in Maharashtra Assembly from to Ups and downs is the nature of human life and Smt. Patil is not an exception. But she is strong and firm by nature and she has a will power to defeat her opponents and critics.

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We can expect that she will serve our country consciously and our nation will be safe and respected in her hands. The allegations are made on one another in present politics.

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But it is very important to face the allegations and achieve the great aim. Pratibha Patil has shown us it very well. And now she is beautifying the post of President of India. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function. Secondary Hindi Sr. Secondary Punjab Sr. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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