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The British knew that the Native Americans would fight for their land and were very protective of it as shown in Document B, a speech delivered by Canassatego, a Chief in the Iroquois Confederacy, to the representatives of Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania in Canassatego most likely gave this speech because he was the leader of a people who did not want their land to be taken over. The economic relations between the British and American colonies also changed dramatically because Britain was in debt due to the French and Indian War. This lead to them taxing the colonists to raise revenue and cover the costs of the war which was caused by the colonists.

In document F, the British Order in Council in states that it is necessary to tax the American colonies because otherwise they would not have the means money to cover the colonists costs. These taxes were carried out in many forms including the Stamp, Sugar and Tea Acts, as well as others that forced colonies to pay taxes on everyday goods. This letter was most likely written by Franklin because he was a colonist from Philadelphia, who was a participant in government and owned the Pennsylvania Gazette, which meant the act hit him at home.

Louisiana as a Spanish Colony

Document H, represents the economic oppression the colonists felt that they were receiving from the British with a newspaper masthead showing how the Stamp Act was affecting them with skull and crossbones in the place were a stamp should be. They believed that the British were governing them with virtual representation, or without actual representation and unfairly. In document E, Reverend Thomas Barnard located in Massachusetts in talks about how great the victory of the French and Indian War and the British were and how the American colonists would be able to expand further west.

This viewpoint was most likely changed after the Proclamation of , as the colonists could not actually expand westward with British protection. Document H, the Newspaper masthead from October , also represents the change in ideology of the American colonists. The British actions that occurred during and after the French and Indian War played a major role in the changing of ideology of the British. One type of document that would help show how the war changed relations between the colonies and the British would be a letter from a Parliament member to a member of colonial government concerning relations between the mother country and its colony.

The French and Indian War caused the colonists to change their political, economic and ideological relations with the British. Considering the British had fought for them, they saw no reason the colonist would oppose.

What Was the French and Indian War?

Some of these taxes were the Townshend acts, the Sugar act, which was the tax on sugar and allowed conviction for smuggling without a court case The contributed to American colonies struggles with their mother country. Because during the colonization of the New World instead of applying an authoritarian rule, like the European powers of Spain and France. The British on the other hand, gave New England more rein, in letting them rule themselves which gave them an opportunity to run a Self- Government Dissatisfied with royal involvement, upheaval began to brew in the colonies, leading to brawls and rebellions such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party When looking at the colonial period, there is a number of precipitating events to consider with regards to the American Revolution; legislations passed by Parliament, growing opposition to the English monarchy, and threats to colonial self-government are just a few History ].

Consequently, the British Empire gained all of the French territories north of the original thirteen colonies, and expanded into the Ohio River Valley area The latter was what the majority of colonists favored, and thus making it no surprise that they managed to accomplish this — justified in doing so - and venture out on their own, as their own. Great Britain owned the colonies and the American colonists were proud to be in unity with this colony known as the mother country, until conflicts climaxed and Americans felt there were no other options than to rule their own Due to the comparative nature of the German language versus the Italian language, early German language operas were imitative but could not effectively compete with Italian language operas.

Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. Nonetheless, there were many other factors that had led up to the rise in nationalism with the help of rising leaders such as Ghandi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Nationalism is a form of patriotism based upon the identification of individuals within a nation. This can likewise be said for the people of India as many people had an intense desire for independence from the British rule. They had come to realise that the ways the British had been treating people were cruel and monstrous Borneman paints a detailed and elaborate picture that justifies the claim of it being the first true war of global proportions.

If ever there truly was a climax to the never ending feud of the European powers that be, Borneman would like to suggest that it was The Seven Years War Term Papers words 5. This catastrophe was to ultimately become the starting point of the French and Indian War. However, the War caused England many economic, political, and ideological tribulations with the American colonists Some were gladdened by the invigorated ties to England while others were enraged by the economic situation.

There is no doubt that the war truly altered and revolutionized the American colonies. As a rule, the Native Americans are perhaps the most overlooked sector of the population of the colonies Free Essays words 3 pages Preview. According to ushistory.

Effects Of The War

Yet the King was insecure to grant them the money for the war because he was afraid they would revolt against the British. Instead he sent over his own troops to fight. Colonists wanted to help fight and aid the British in successfully winning the war, including General George Washington himself, it was common for colonists who volunteered to be discharged There were many causes of the American Revolution and even though some contributed more than others at the end the outcome was the same: War. The British had a seven-year war with the Indians and French in America that started in and did not end until with the British and French signing the Treaty of Paris.

The British came out victorious but war always comes with a price. Fighting a war is very expensive and it left Britain with a ton of debt But the cost of the war would not stop with the fighting; instead it would continue to grow even once the Treaty of Paris was signed in because of the need to leave British troops in the colonies — not only for the colonists protection but also because it was impossible for Great Britain to reduce its army to the size it had been before the war Better Essays words 6.

Many changes in the political lifestyle helped changed the colonies immensely. America wanted its independence more than ever after events that sparked a great shift between the 13 colonies and its mother country. Economic affairs were increasing because of the war and the need for products that the Americans were able to produce. The idea of wanting its independence from Britain was forced upon them after the French and Indian War when Americans felt that they were receiving unfair treatment from Great Britain Good Essays words 2.

Britain won the American war in , the Creeks and the Cherokees lost their ability to force concessions by turning to France or Spain. Cherokees attacked the Carolina and Virginia frontiers in because they were desperate and they wanted to retaliate for British atrocities. In Cherokees attacked Carolina and Virginia frontiers. Though the Indians were initially victorious, they were defeated the following year by British regulars and colonial militia Free Essays words 1 pages Preview.

The Pequot war, in , was more of a massacre than a war. Massachusetts Bay Colonists used the neighboring Narraganset Indians to systematically slaughter the Pequots who were living on land they wanted. Well, sadly this is the case for Blacks in America. Blacks are often found to be, at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in society. However, in a harsh reality it is not, but instead the land of the incapacitated, and home of the Whites What argument does Sauguaarum then make in regard to it.

What insights to gain from his perspective. The French occupied parts of Canada but also wanted a stake in America. Its means to do this was through the Ohio Valley it maintained. However, the colonists were bound to permeate this area in their push towards the west. And as they did, competition for the lush lands flared up and came to a breaking point.

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This directly lead to the French and Indian War with the Indians, for the most part, siding with the French against Britain Powerful Essays words 4. Many factors influenced the idea of patriotism and these factors eventually resulted in a rebellion by the colonists in The most important factor that eventually led to this rebellion was the Parliament taxing the colonists. The colonists were enraged by the fact that they were being taxed without being represented in the Parliament and were also furious of the fact that the taxes that were being enforced were not just For discovering extent to which this policy led to the Indian defeat by itself, this research will explore primary documents such as letters exchanged between Zhou Enlai and Nehru, and an official CIA repor Research Papers words 6.

The city sits at the heart of an official three-county metropolitan region comprising Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. As we look at the current condition of Detroit Michigan, you would ponder what made the city look so ran down and why did everyone abandoned a once known as a beautiful city.

If one were to look at older pictures of the city back in its earlier years they wouldn't be able to tell that the city used to have life with in it Cooper describes the quest of three friends, Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncas, to deliver two young women, Cora and Alice, to their father. As they attempt to carry out this mission, the group encounters groups of Indians who interrupt and threaten their success.

The reason being is that it became intolerant of outsiders by the Great Awakening spread throughout New England and this split church goers into evangelical Calvinists or more moderate. Yet another group started to call themselves Baptists Better Essays words 5. These hostilities occurred as a result of two types of conflicts.

First, the struggle amid Britain, in addition to her enemies who included; France and Spain based on maritime and colonial differences.

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Secondly, there were disagreements between Austria, France, Russia and Sweden, that worsened the conflict with Fredrick. The only athlete to represent India in the Olympics was Jeremy Bujakowski. However he then participated again in the Olympics in Grenoble France.

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Free Essays words 1. In order to help alleviate this debt, the British Parliament imposed taxes on the colonies. This not only enraged the colonists at the time, but it also showed them the King was power-hungry.