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A local newspaper said the "she will rue the day" quote is displayed in the museum, though none of the others are. According to the local reporter, the display implies that the rejection of advertisements frames Anthony's personal views about abortion, though she "never specifically states her position. At its opening, the museum was leafleted by protesters who said the museum's leadership was "inferring upon [Anthony] an unproven historical stance. This vision represented a very small part of Anthony's life, and while it will be presented, it will not be an overwhelming theme of the birthplace.

Anthony's own anti-abortion stance is mentioned in just one of the museum's ten exhibits. Anthony, portrayed by Kate McKinnon , says "Abortion is murder! Anthony Day proclamation claiming she was anti-abortion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum. The American Feminist. Feminists For Life. New York Times. September 26, Our famous women: An authorized record of the lives and deeds of distinguished American women of our times.

Anthony Dollar". Anthony House. Retrieved October 18, North Adams Transcript. Adams, Massachusetts. NWSA Journal. Feminists for Life. Retrieved August 16, Anthony, against abortion? Salon Media Group. Concerned Women for America. In Ridarsky, Christine; Huth, Mary eds. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights. May 21, The Washington Post. Retrieved August 3, Anthony: Pro-life feminist".

Anthony's Abortion Position Spurs Scuffle". Women's eNews. Retrieved Retrieved July 7, By , medical procedures had improved for both childbirth and abortion but not equally, and induced abortion in the first trimester had become safer than childbirth. In , Roe vs. Wade acknowledged that abortion in the first trimester was safer than childbirth.

Time communication — retrospective. Time Inc. Blackmun was also swayed by the fact that most abortion prohibitions were enacted in the 19th century when the procedure was more dangerous than now. Suddenly: the American idea abroad and at home, — Free Press. January 28, Congressional Research Service. Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved May 1, Encyclopedia of American law. Infobase Publishing. Population Information Program Population Reports. September 24, Pomona College.

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Archived from the original on August 15, The New Republic. Feminists for Life: 1—5. Retrieved January 18, Chicago, Illinois: Daughters of Sarah. Quoted in Thomas, p. She referred to Dannenfelser's statements in footnote on page Oxford University Press, Retrieved February 5, Thomas says that Howe's diary is at the Harvard Houghton Library.

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Anthony Museum and House. October 31, Retrieved February 21, Anthony on Abortion". Retrieved February 25, Harper D.

Great Speeches: Susan B. Anthony on Women's Right to Vote

Ward is identified within the article as "the pen name of an independent historical researcher. The Revolution. July 8, Retrieved February 24, Anthony Papers Project. We would have torn into the industrial-grade carpet with our eyes, pushing beyond the tight weave of fabric into the very foundation of the school, gouging into the earth with our collective desire to avoid being Susan B. With her tight bun and stony face, Susan B. Unloving and unlovable.

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Old fogy. Old fart. Old bag.

A damning word for a girl. Worse than ugliness perhaps. Puritanism might be cultural, fussbudgetry a matter of conditioning, plainness the product of unfortunate happenstance, but seriousness was a preventable ill, a matter of choice, and all the worse for its purpose. Of course, women can be serious.

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Badass , we say when a woman breaks the rules to get things done. Kickass, we say when she succeeds. Feisty, when she speaks out. And while these terms may be more flattering than their unsexy cousin, bitch —when was the last time we called a man feisty? No, the word seems reserved for women and problematic household pets. As for badassery, why does it seem like a feminine subcategory of bravery?

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Like boldness decked out in a bodycon dress? Why—one hundred and ten years after Anthony died—do we still merit subcategories where speaking up is concerned? Smatterings of seriousness are more or less fine, but a girl should not ruin the bloom of her face by making it a habit and should balance such occasions with decent doses of frill.

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Mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. How much energy goes into attempting to please with the management of our bodies, our actions, our words? Look at a girl as she stands before a mirror. Before her family.

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This statement was widely used as an abolitionist and feminist slogan in the 19th century and has sometimes been attributed to Anthony, who famously used it, but cited it as an "old revolutionary maxim"; it has also frequently been attributed to Thomas Jefferson , and to Benjamin Franklin , who has been cited as having proposed it as the motto of the United States, as well as to English theologian William Tyndale.

The earliest definite citations of a source yet found in research for Wikiquote indicates that it was declared by Massachusetts Governor Simon Bradstreet after the overthrow of Dominion of New England Governor Edmund Andros in relation to the " Glorious Revolution " of , as quoted in Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the State Convention: assembled May 4th, by the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, p.

It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death, but oh, thrice guilty is he who, for selfish gratification, heedless of her prayers, indifferent to her fate, drove her to the desperation that impelled her to the crime! Anonymous essay signed "A" in The Revolution , August 8, Often attributed to Susan B.